Byron Caloz

Accomplished in nothing, expert in everything

I mean, really, what's there to say? To know him is to love him... and to love him is to REALLY know him! Okay, lets get serious. It all started in a five-thousand watt radio station.... Oops, wrong story.

Byron Caloz was born a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, specifically San Rafael California. His family shuttled around from one suburb to another in the San Francisco Bay Area until the mother and father (Alice and Emile) decided that there were too many hippies around Height Asbury and their children, including Byron, might turn into them if they stayed around too much longer. Little did they know Byron would later decide long hair was his thing and reality was his drug of choice. Anyway, the family packed up their bags and headed to the smoggy Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. There Byron remained until he progressed to Eugene, Oregon and managed to graduate from the University there with two bachelors in computers, the other in journalism. The shy yet curious Byron decided that he probably would get more from the writing and interviewing end of life than the stooped in front of a terminal existance that computer work then involved. One thing he neglected to think about was money. "Gee, what's that?"

First to Klamath Falls, then to Garden City, Kansas, then to Murray, Kentucky, then to Kansas City, Missouri, then back to Garden City, Kansas... working in radio and not getting paid all that much. Thousands of dollars in debt, several girlfriends and many years later, he decided he had enough fun and excitement in radio and came to Portland, Oregon for the fun, excitement and better salaries of the computer business.

All along this magic carpet ride, Byron got interested in the strange and obscure, and continues to pursue his interests by nosing into thrift stores, lurking at movie theatres, bicycling to strange and wonderful backwater towns and generally enjoying the simple things in life when he can afford to dodge the more complex things.

This website is dedicated to the meanderings of a sole not lost, just looking for a heel. Ah, let me put that a different way. What you will find here is a constantly evolving carnival of stories, lists, ideas, images and thoughts that mean everything and nothing... a celebration of the contradictions in all of us, especially in Byron Caloz.

* but were afraid to ask!

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