A Few of Byron's Favorite Things
(and people, brand names, books, films, etc.)

Stan Kenton, bicycling, Fats Waller, Indiana Jones, Amelia Earhart, computers, lavalamps, folding furniture, laserdisks, CD-ROMs, Robert Benchley, Ernie Kovacs, Ernie Pyle, William Least Heat Moon, Buster Keaton, Art, appropriate technology, vegetarianism, Dean Elliot, Debbie Harry, Cab Calloway, Stan Freberg, Francis Poulenc, Ralph Vaughn-Williams, Marlana Stoddard, NPR, PRI, High Plains Public Radio, People's Computer Company, Dream Machines by Nelson, The Art of Computer Programming by D. Knuth, oatmeal, garden burgers, tofu, cranberry juice, yogurt, granola, apples, grapefruit, CDs, LPs, 45s, furniture by Heywood-Wakefield, fedoras, wide ties from the late 1940's, double-breasted wide lapel suits from the late 1940's, skinny ties from the 1950's, Harlequin dishes, Russel Wright, 8mm films, 16mm films, Ballerina dishes, exotica, Hawaiiana, Easter Island, Science Fiction, Star Trek, The Avengers, Buckaroo Bonzai, Sliders, The X-Files, Brisco County Junior, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Homefront, Get Smart!, Eartha Kitt, Julie London, Django Reinhardt, Glenn Miller, Louis Jordan, Fibber Magee and Molly, The Great Gildersleeve, Arturo Toscannini, Juan Esquivel, Jose Iturbi, Max Morath, William Windom, Baxter Black, Little Richard, Doo Wop, Jennifer Warnes, Billy Joel, The Bangles, Neil Diamond, Chuck Berry, Claude Debussy, P.D.Q. Bach, Peter Schickele, Dennis Quaid, Spike Jones, Nat King Cole, Here We Go Again, Creatures of Habit, Hubris Communications, Thoreau, Flight Simulator, The High Road to China, The General, Casablanca, hot cocoa, Morning Thunder Tea by Celestial Seasonings, Revere cookware, Time, National Geographic, Smithsonian, microwave ovens, superhetrodyne receivers (old radios), 78s, TV Guide, Art Moderne, Jack Cody, Natalya Haden, waterfall style bedroom furniture, rattan furniture, faux leopard skin fabric, poster art, movie posters, historic voices, history, Volkswagen, Route 66, flamingos, Mercury, Apollo, Gemini, The Space Shuttle, Rockport Shoes, Mars, The Lathe of Heaven, Europa, Calisto, Deimos, Phoebos, Titan, Pluto, Ceres, Halley's Comet, jukeboxes, player pianos, short subject films, animated cartoons, movie serials, The Twilight Zone, Intel, Doctor Zomb, Habromania, Palookaville, Dick Schory, Sim City, Frank Sinatra, Gilbert & Sullivan, Flanders & Swann, bongos, marimbas, the piano, futons, Laser Discs, 16 mm movies, Venus di Milo, Harrison Ford, Sean Young, Spy Games, Buck Rogers, Dee Dee Petty, Leonardo da Vinci, Contact, Jodie Foster, The Handmaid's Tale, Natasha Richardson, Elizabeth McGovern, Once Upon a Time in America, Robert deNiro, James Woods, Helen Slater, Virginia Madsen, Penelope Ann Miller, Innerspace, Damon Runyon Theatre, Box 13, Arnold Schwarzenegger, cuff-links, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Bladerunner, Sim City, bicycles, gardens, tulips, cameras, Predicta TVs, black desk phones with real dials, wire furniture, Sarah Roush, Two Street Studio, overstuffed chairs, amoeba, boomerang and kidney shaped couches, desks and tables, big windows, big porches, baby grand pianos, Portland, San Francisco, New Orleans, Cedar Key (Florida), old theatres, drive-in theatres, ragtime, Scott Joplin, Halloween, Powell's, Segment Zero, Edwin Newman, Suspense, X-1, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, eggplant, Gardenburgers, beans, rice, the incredible edible egg, cheese,wine, Henry Weinhardt's Private Reserve, Golden Hours Radio, KBOO, KBPS, KEX, KPTV....

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