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The Three Suns: Dancing on a Cloud

    RCA LPM-2307
    41 Favorite Selections in Dance Tempo
    Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio A, New York City. Recording Engineer: Ernest Oelrich. Producers: Nevins, Kirschner Associates. Released 1961.

    Notes by Bernie Green:

    During the past couple of decades, musical groups of all shapes and sizes have had their fling in the limelight, only to pass into oblivion under the public's changing tastes. Therefore, it is to the further glory of the perennial Three Suns that their popularity has been ever in the ascendent. Their old fans remain loyal, while each succeeding year presents a new legion of faithfuls for the trio. Is there some magic formula, some secret brew? Well, yes! That magic is easy-on-the-ear-melody, brewed into an exotic potion of rhythm, daring originality and toe-tapping danceability by these discerning wizards.

    In this album, Dancing on a Cloud, The Three Suns reach their all-time peak. To please those who thrive on nostalgia, the Suns have chosen an exciting group of standards that have withstood all tests of taste and time, and for the teenagers there are new sounds, new technical approaches... something for both young and old. An unbeatable combination, and a happy one.

    Anytime the pressures on earth get a little too strong and enervating for you, use this album as a ticket to a trip above the clouds, away from all worldly cares and worries. Just sit back, relax, and let others worry about trips to the moon. Accept the invitation of the The Three Suns to goDancing on a Cloud.

    Side 1--
    1. Medley (2:45)
    2. Medley (3:38)
    3. Begin the Beguine (Cole Porter) (3:20)
    4. Medley (2:33)
    5. Medley (2:50)
    6. Medley (3:18)

    Side 2--
    1. Medley (2:25)
    2. Medley (3:23)
    3. Night and Day (Cole Porter) 2:33
    4. Medley (3:22)
    5. Medley (2:31)
    6. Medley (3:03)
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