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The Three Suns: Fun in the Sun

    RCA LPM-2437
    America's Favorite Instrumental a delightfully relaxed album of your favorite songs... It's a sun-drenched holiday whenever The Three Suns play... You are My Sunshine, On The Sunny Side of The Street, Blue Skies, Yellow Bird and many others
    Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio A, New York City. Recording Engineer: Ray Hall. Producers: Nevins-Kirschner. Released 1961.

    Over the years, The Three Suns have never been amiss in bringing a little warmth and pleasure to any occasion. Their easy-to-take way of playing a popular melody is full of dedication to the proposition that life is meant to be enjoyed to the hilt, and is not to be wasted. They know how to capture your imagination, as well as your heart--their music has a timeless quality about it that continues to win many new fans every day, while retaining its millions of old faithfuls.

    In this new album, the Suns and all their friends depict some of the ways in which you can enjoy one of life's most delightful experiences--there's a lot of enjoyment to be had while luxuriating under the sun's rays. No matter what you are doing... it's a sun-drenched holiday of relaxation and pleasure whenever The Three Suns bring you FUN IN THE SUN.

    Side 1--
    1. You Are My Sunshine (B)(2:55)
    2. Honey Bee (B)(2:42)
    3. The Breeze and I (B) (3:10)
    4. On the Sunny Side of the Street (2:20)
    5. Love Letters in the Sand (2:30)
    6. On the Boardwalk (In Atlantic City) (2:08)

    Side 2--
    1. Blue Skies (2:53)
    2. Yellow Bird (3:08)
    3. By the Beautiful Sea (3:00)
    4. Fun in the Sun (B) (3:00)
    5. Isle of Capri (3:15)
    6. Cruising Down the River (2:05)
    All ASCAP except (B) BMI.

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