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The Mister Smooth Show Hour #208!
"Irving Fields"

20801 Irving Fields Mama Inez 2:38 Lox, Latins and Bongos King king742   LP  
20802 Aaron Bell Swingin' On The Strip 2:53 Music from 77 Sunset Strip Lion L70116   LP  
20803 Pablo Beltran Ruiz La Pollera Colera 2:01 Mister Cumbia RCA MKS1647   LP  
20804 Billy May Heart 2:31 The Girls and Boys on Broadway Capitol ST1418   LP  
20805 Irving Fields Can Can Merengue 2:35 Champagne and Bongos Decca DL4238   LP  
20806 Mike Pacheco April in Paris 2:38 Bongo Skins Tampa TP10   LP  
20807 Bill Irwin A Swingin' Samba 2:03 Seduction HiFi L1022   LP  
20808 Ron Ayres Lover 1:20 Friendly Persuasion Richmond RPS39008   LP  
20809 Irving Fields Guaglione 2:35 Pizzas and Bongos Decca DL74175   LP  
20810 Arthur Lyman Black Orchid 3:18 Call of the Midnight Sun HiFi L1024   LP  
20811 Yvonne DeCarlo One For My Baby 3:06 Yvonne DeCarlo Sings Masterseal masterseal1870   LP  
20812 Bill Thomson Gypsy in My Soul 2:20 Fantabulous Verve MGV2080   LP  
20813 Irving Fields Cuban Boogie 2:58 Dance Date Camden CAM350   LP  
20814 Stan Getz Samba Dees Days 3:30 Jazz Samba Verve V68432   LP  
20815 Al Caiola Caravan 3:10 Great Pickin' Chancellor CHL5008   LP  
20816 Irving Fields Heat Wave 2:55 Irving Berlin Favorites Craftsmen C8008   LP  
20817 Mundell Lowe Eastside Drive 2:50 Blues For A Stripper Charlie Parker PLP822   LP  
20818 Irving Fields Turkish Delight 2:41 At the St. Moritz with the Irving Fields Trio ABC-Paramount ABC187   LP  
20819 Dick Jacobs Itsy Bikini 1:47 Electrosonic Orchestra Coral CRL757381   LP  
20820 Jimmy Smith What'd I Say 2:52 Any Number Can Win Verve V68552   LP  
20821 Andre Penazzi Samba de Madrugada 3:13 Organ Jazz Samba Percussion Audio Fidelity DFS7020   LP  
20822 Howard Roberts Girl Talk 2:49 Goodies Capitol ST2400   LP  
20823 Joe Cain Polonaise 2:55 Bongos Trumpeta Voces Cuerdas Seeco SCLP92120   LP  

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