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The Mister Smooth Show Hour #209!
"Art Van Damme"

20901 Art Van Damme Carioca 2:59 The Art Van Damme Sound Columbia CL544   LP
20902 Dom Frontiere Uno Mas 2:21 Fabulous Liberty LRP3015 56 LP
20903 Arthur Lyman Maori Flea 2:00 Latitude 20 HiFi SL1037   LP
20904 Art Van Damme I Want To Be Happy 2:21 More Cocktail Capers Capitol T300   LP
20905 Don Ralke Head Hunter 2:57 The Savage And The Sensuous Bongos Warner Brothers W1398 60 LP
20906 Enoch Light Lemon Meringue 1:50 Discotheque Dance Dance Dance Command RS873 64 LP
20907 Harry Breuer Boomerang 2:10 Mallet Mischief Vol 2 Audio Fidelity AFSD5882   LP
20908 Art Van Damme A La Mode 2:34 Accordian Ala Mode Columbia CS8363   LP
20909 Lenny Dee Cincinnati Dancing Pig 2:38 Mr. Dee Goes To Town Decca DL8497   LP
20910 Nelson Riddle Blue Safari 2:28 Witchcraft Pickwick PC3007   LP
20911 Art Van Damme Angel Eyes 2:26 Art Van Damme Swings Sweetly Columbia CS8594   LP
20912 Sammy Herman Mummers Cha Cha 1:45 Something Old And Something New Everest LPBR1534 59 LP
20913 Stanley Black Yes, My Darling Daughter 2:19 Sophisticat in Cuba London LL1781   LP
20914 Art Van Damme Bach Meets El Mambo 2:25 Cocktail Capers Capitol T178   LP
20915 Warren Kime So In Love 3:05 Explosive Brass Impact Command RS919   LP
20916 La Playa Sextet Dry Cocoanuts 2:39 Care To Cha Cha? Mardi Gras mardigras5001   LP
20917 Don Lamond It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing 2:56 Off Beat Percussion Command RS842 62 LP
20918 Art Van Damme Adios 2:27 Martini Time Columbia CL630   LP
20919 John Buzon Mambo Rock 2:17 Inferno Liberty LST7108   LP
20920 Larry Elgart Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams 2:23 More Music In Motion MGM SE4080   LP
20921 Ben Tea For Two Cha Cha 2:33 Let's Cha Cha Cha Mercury SR60187   LP
20922 Ralph Font Three-Penny Opera Cha-Cha 3:17 Cha Cha Cha Westminster WP6111   LP
20923 Scat Man Crothers The Best Things In Life Are Free 2:54 Scat Man Crothers and Joe Williams Grand Prix Series K419   LP
20924 Phil Gomez Dixieland Cha Cha 1:41 Dixieland Mambo Omega OSL48   LP

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