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The Mr. Smooth Show Radio Network!

At this time no radio station carries The Mr. Smooth Show.

The Mr. Smooth Show aired on High Plains Public Radio from July 1996 to March 2001. After those stations ceased broadcast, the program entered a new phase with the ultimate goal of providing a comprehensive website, on-line narrowcasting and digitally produced weekly programs and specials for radio stations on a contract basis.

As of June 2004, equipment and software at Zolac Media has been upgraded to allow digital recording and segmentation for ultimate program flexibility. While additional work remains, the basics are in place for a new program format which can be adopted by public and commercial radio stations and enable web narrowcasting.

The Mr. Smooth Library continues to be developed and organized and remains a resource for not only The Mr. Smooth Show but for listeners and interested website visitors. Already many on-line requests have been made and fulfilled for out-of-print recordings and information about 20th century popular recording artists.

In 2004, the Mr. Smooth website will be upgraded to provide full access and information about the first incarnation of The Mr. Smooth Show (programs 1 through 185) and current information about web resources and The Mr. Smooth Library. Also, the producer will contact a variety of featured musicians to schedule interviews which will be incorporated into the program for later distribution. Various segments will be pre-produced for the show as well (including vintage commercials, program forward promotion bits and effects).

Already in 2004 the Mr. Smooth website was redesigned and placed under the zolacmedia domain. Dead links have been removed and, when possible, new ones replaced for them. More and better graphics will be added with additional intrasite and intersite links included. Smoothnews will once again be updated weekly.

By popular demand, classic Mr. Smooth Shows (programs 1 through 185) will be updated, webcast and new playlists released for those. Only one show will be available each week, replaced every Tuesday evening beginning with the first tuesday in July.

By mid 2005, the first Mr. Smooth Halloween special will be produced, marketed and distributed to public radio stations nationwide via compact disc and satellite. This will be followed by the first Mr. Smooth Christmas special.

In early 2006, program 201 of The Mr. Smooth Show will air in selected markets.

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